✨ AI for builders

Tana AI is something more than just a writing aid. Our vision have always been to give you mind like water. Supertags is the beating heart of the Tana Graph and were made with AI in mind from the start. Our AI for builders are made for anyone that wants to build powerful Tana AI Apps. Go to ⚙️Settings -> Tana Labs to activate.



What is it: Tana AI ✨ is a way of injecting AI functionality into your Tana setups. Through AI fields and commands, you are able to interact with your data in incredibly powerful ways.

How does it work: Through some prompt engineering (both by us, behind the scenes, and by you, through Tana AI ✨ config pages), you can query powerful generative AI models, and get the resulting data right back in your Tana workspace.

Why is it awesome: While chatbots such as ChatGPT and Bing allow for great AI interactions, Tana is built to let you decide the workflows. With Tana AI ✨, you can set up functions that run on your nodes, tables or supertags to perform repeatable actions — catered for your exact needs.

🎙️ It will let you transcribe audio, to quickly bring voice memos into Tana!

🧑‍🎨 It will let you generate artwork on the fly, to create mockups and ideate design.

✍️ It will let you generate text from your data, which lets you do anything from fill tables to steelman counter-arguments, to critique your work.

There are several ways of interacting with AI from Tana. First, though, we need to connect to OpenAI through their API.

API Keys, Spending and Privacy

🔑 Your keys

All interactions with the APIs require you to connect your own OpenAI API key.

Once you have your API key at hand, 1️⃣ open the command line and run the "Set OpenAI API Key" command. Then 2️⃣ paste your key in the field and you're good to go.

🗄️Your data / privacy

The different AI commands require us sending your data to the OpenAI API.

There is no functionality in the system that sends data to OpenAI unless you take a specific action that sends data (e.g. using the AskGPT command.)

If we ever introduce the option of automatic/background processing, we will change our terms, and have an explicit opt-in.

💸 Your spend limit

❗️IMPORTANT: Since you are using your own API key, you will be responsible for your own Pricing.

When experimenting, it can be easy to use a lot of tokens (AI in Tana is a lot of fun 🤖). We strongly recommend setting Usage limits in your OpenAI API.

Go to your Usage Limits on your OpenAI account to set it up

❗Note: if you are a trial user of OpenAI you are likely to be hit with rate limiting. Entering a payment method (credit card information) will improve this.