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Tana is changing at a rapid pace 🚀 While many concepts remain the same, some user interface and features have changed a lot since they first were documented here! Please keep this in mind while browsing.

The Cards-view is perfect for when you want a more visual view, like an overview of your team, your books, or series.

Or if you want to create a kanban-view by choosing the field you want as grouping-option (like sprint status, rating etc.):

You can change to a card-view by standing on the title, doing the command View as Cards, or right-click the bullet and choose View options.

You can add new items directly into each grouped category, and drag to reorder the cards, or move them from one category to another. You can expand and collapse each card to edit it, or you can use set-commands like set Owner: Olav.

You can also use the "Display" menu to choose which fields are always shown on the card, even when it is collapsed.

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Watch out: This Tana video was created in... February 2022! 😱

Things were quite different back then. While the main concepts remain the same, so much progress has been made since! But instead of taking the video down, we're leaving it up as an easter egg for scrolling all the way down to the bottom of this page. Enjoy this blast from the past!

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