Docks and Panels


Docks in Tana are a simple, flexible way to manage many open panels.

So, what is a dock?

Docks are like drawers 🗄. You can pop open a dock that can be easily pulled in and out, just like a drawer. There is a dock to the right, and to the top of the main window. Multiple panels can fit in a dock, and panels can move between docks, or even get sent back to the main window again.

How to use Docks?

From anywhere in Tana:

  • To open a node in the Right Dock: Cmd/Ctrl+click on node bullet

  • To open a node in the Top Dock: Shift+click on node bullet

Multiple panels can exist within a dock, and every open panel is scrollable on its own.

When there's already a panel in the dock:

  • Cmd/Ctrl+click will open the clicked node to the right of the panel you were active in

  • Shift+click will open the clicked node directly above the bottom panel of the Top Dock

New Commands related to Docks

When caret is in the Main area:

  • Command > Dock node on ->

    • Right

    • Top

When caret is in a docked panel:

  • Command > Dock panel on top (for panels in the Right Dock)

  • Command > Dock panel on right (for panels in the Top Dock)

In any docked panel (this is not a new command, but is very relevant for this feature):

  • Command > Close this panel

Tip: Define your own shortcuts for the commands above to gain ninja panel management powers


Panels are able to scroll independently from one another.

Panels have a "sticky" panel toolbar that stays visible at the top when you start scrolling

Buttons on the right side of the panel toolbar provide docking functionality

  • Dock to Top/Right

  • Only show this panel

  • Close this panel

Panels have different top-right options, depending on where it is

Limitations (as of February 2023):

  • Similar to how you cannot have reference to a node at the same level that it exists, you cannot have the same node opened in multiple panels.

  • Saved layouts don't work with Docks

Known bugs (as of February 2023):

  • Scroll state resets on all panels when a sidebar item is clicked, replacing the panel in the Main area

  • Button on panel toolbar "Move panel to the top dock" docks panel to the right side of the top panel, splitting it in two