Evelyn Chapman


I've been exploring note-taking, productivity & tools for thought since I started a blog way back in the day called she's a geek. I'm passionate about helping people manage information & knowledge, make sense of it and build it into something they can possibly monetise or build an audience around.

Tana Interest

Tana Fundamentals, Knowledge Management, Template Building (and Template Builders) & products built on the Tana platform, Fun & Interesting ways of using Tana


Main Website: https://evchapman.com/

Main Twitter: https://twitter.com/evielync

Tana Academy Web: https://tana.academy/

Tana Academy Twitter: https://twitter.com/TanaAcademy

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@EvChapman


Twitter DM: https://twitter.com/evielync

Email: ev@evchapman.com (email me if you dare, I'm not great at getting back to people)


Sydney, Australia / AEDT (GMT +11 during daylight savings time & +10 all the other year around)