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Building a pretty diary in Tana with Brage Bang

BB: I use Tana for many things, managing podcasts, sales pipeline, CRM, but my favorite place in Tana is my Diary. In this video I will show you how to quickly set up a very visually pleasing diary in your today-node in Tana.

How To Build A Content Idea Capture System In Tana

EC: Today I want to show you how I capture ideas in Tana and use Supertags to make it easy to add fields and default content specific to certain content types. So rather than having a bunch of fields that are not applicable to certain content, you can add only the ones you need. Plus I'll show you how you can powerful search and filter through all your ideas.

Script Writing

Script writing in Tana: track ideas for stories, characters, locations, plots. See how a popular childrens' fairy tale podcast runs on Tana.

How Lukas Kawerau tracks medications

LK: Every time I'm taking a drug, I create a new node and apply #medicine-taken to it. This new node would have one field "Medikamente" which would be an instance of #Medikament. The node would also have one field "Dosis" where I'd enter the dose.

Note Taking with Winston Teng

WT: The reason why I've structured it this way is because I like to work with material from a bottom-up approach (raw material > claim > thread / synthesis).

Tana Tour with Maggie Appleton

Learn how Maggie uses Tana for her content pipeline, daily template, write better introductions, decision making, and travel. Her content pipeline content pipeline is particularly interesting - notice how she groups her ideas into columns by how far along they are, and then sorts the columns by her motivation.

How Jens-Christian Fischer uses Tana with his team

JC: As we spent more and more time with Tana, we started to build more tags, and extended or changed existing ones. The key learning here: One doesn't have to have the perfect structure from the start. Start with the absolute minimum of what is needed, when you notice something missing, just add it and update existing records (if that's even necessary)