Getting Started & Overview

🎯 Start here! Here you will find videos on getting started using Tana and an overview of different features and concepts in tana

Watch this video to get off to a good start using Tana. You'll get an overview of the features and concepts of Tana

Learn about unique features that Tana brings, importing your Roam graph and how to map Roam concepts in Tana

Supertags are the backbone of Tana, it's how you can give structure and context to item lightning fast, keeping your flow.

In this video you'll get an introduction to Supertags, how to create, change and use them.

In this video, you'll learn about commands, the command line and the most useful commands like find nodes, remind me and more

Learn how to connect any node to any node from anywhere using references, and how you might use them.

Learn about what the future of collaboration looks like in Tana and what Tana brings today.

Searches, filters and views is one of the fundamental building blocks in Tana. Get a good overview and learn how you can build flows for pretty much anything you can imagine