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Tana is changing at a rapid pace 🚀 While many concepts remain the same, some user interface and features have changed a lot since they first were documented here! Please keep this in mind while browsing.

Grouping in Tana allows you to create efficient views for different contexts.

You can group by every option you've added to a specific Field, and you can group both in cards view and in list view.

Grouping in Cards view

Adding a field with options like todo, in progress, done to 🗃️ Cards-view, enable you to use it as a Kanban board

Here you see a teams sprint-board, where tasks flow from all different team members into the sprint board.

Grouping in List view

Grouping in list is a great way of getting a quick overview of many items at once, and it makes it easy to work with them like when tagging a whole set of items in one action. You can add sorting to the different groups after grouping them: