How do I merge tags?

There have been a couple of questions regarding merging tags and fields. We don’t yet have too many tools for merging content (this is on our list, though), but you can get quite a lot done by combining a few features that the platform already offers. Here’s an example of how you can “merge” two overlapping tags, by combining search expressions with batch re-tagging operations via the command line. If the same field is present in the tags that you’re combining, all field values will remain intact. Until we get more sophisticated merging tools, I hope this can be helpful!

A few other things that can be worth knowing if you need to rework a setup in tana:

The Set command lets you apply field values to any number of nodes in one go.

Search nodes can be converted to plain lists via the command line. This will simply detach the search expression, and leave the results as see them – and the list can now be manually edited.

The “Bring referenced node here” command lets you change the ownership of nodes to the current context.