How to create a Recent Activity Stream view in a workspace with Jens-Christian Fischer

With this Live Search, you can track what has been happening over the last n days in your graph. This works great for single and multiplayer use cases.

JC: Here's the search query, that selects all nodes that have a tag (I don't want to see every node in the graph, I assume that important nodes have a tag), but leaves out the day and week tags.

JC: View as table and add columns for "Modified by" and "Tags" System fields. Presto, done

Jens-Christian Fischer works at the Swiss National and Research Network (NREN) where he currently builds a new service with a new team. He has a background in software development and large scale server infrastructure among way too many other things that are interesting. He holds a MSc. in in information technology. You can reach him via our Slack community or LinkedIn.