Save time and effort by extending broad supertags with more specific supertags with default values set for their fields.

In this workflow, we demonstrate how to create a basic content pipeline for capturing your ideas from wherever you're writing. A similar workflow will also work for tasks.

Think about Supertags sort of like "types" of node and their extending supertags as "subtypes." The extension will inherit all fields from the extended, and you can set the default value.

So imagine you have three tags: #pipeline, which is extended by #twitter-pipeline, and #linkedin-pipeline. A simple query for #pipeline pulls all of these, and then you group by status.

By extending tags, you get all of the fields from the extended tag.

#linkedin-pipeline and #twitter-pipeline tagged nodes set the default values for stage and medium fields. So they aren’t strictly necessary, but are really convenient! Means you don't have to set the values each time.