Tables, in their basic form, is a view of a list of items, showing the fields as columns. Got a table in Word, Docs, Excel or Sheets? Just copy and paste it into a node, and it works!

But our tables in 🌊 Tana is the next generation table:

Never be annoyed by the constraints of a cell again, they never grow out of space. You just Tab-indent a node under the existing node and use the zoom shortcut to dive deep.

You can add supertags to a whole column or row to quickly turn a list of names into e.g. #persons in the platform.

You can add ⭐-ratings, ✅ checkboxes, dropdown menus, and other features through our Fields configuration menu.

You can go from List to Table to Card view in seconds. Your nodes are a living thing, ready to change for your context.

Because you can view a Live search as a Table, you can enter rows from anywhere in your workspace - no need to navigate to the correct table.

Every table has it's own right-click on column menu:

Here's a what a table of books might look:

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