Tana Input API

What is Tana Input API?

The Tana Input API is an API that allows you to add data (including tags) to Tana Graphs. (APIs for reading from Tana Graphs are currently not available but on our roadmap)

With this API, you can:

  • Send nodes, including children, to Tana

  • Create or add existing tags and fields to the nodes being sent


Please note that the API currently has the following restrictions:

  • One call per second per token

  • Max 100 nodes created per call

  • Max 5000 chars in one request

Let us know in our Slack-community if you are hitting these limits, as we have set them at a rather arbitrary number for now.

Create an API token

You need an API token to work with the Tana Input API. Tokens are assigned per workspace and can be generated in the Tana Client:

  • In the bottom right corner of the sidebar, choose API Tokens

  • Select which workspace you want to create a token for, and click Create

  • The token is automatically copied but you can also click Copy to do the same.

Refresh an API token

If you want to create a new token for your workspace, delete the current one and then create new again. The old one is forever revoked.

Read more documentation and get full instructions here: GitHub - tanainc/tana-input-api-samples: Sample code for Tana Input API