Today Node, Managing todos, and Changing the #day tag


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Tana is changing at a rapid pace 🚀 While many concepts remain the same, some user interface and features have changed a lot since they first were documented here! Please keep this in mind while browsing.

The today page is your daily scratchpad. Every day you get a clean slate. Make it a habit to work here, operating your day. Don’t think about files and folders – just think, type, tag, and trust that your thoughts and tasks are captured.

Your Today page comes with a supertag out of the box: the #day supertag. It is applied to each day. By default, it is empty, but you can easily customise it by clicking the tag and opening its configuration.

You can add fields to your day if you want to create tables out of it. For example, here you can see how Maggie Appleton does it, where every day has three fields on it: Time Log, What's on your mind?, and Media Inbox

If you have a shared workspace, you can draft notes on your own personal Today page using supertags from the collaborative space. Tana will understand that this belongs in another workspace, so once it is ready to go, you can click the move to button or use the Move to command.

The day page has as much or as little structure as you would like. It can be a blank fresh start you approach with a clear mind, or it can be a structured template for your routines.

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