Day-to-day work in Tana

In this video, we'll look at some of the ways you can use it to automate your day get the most out of Tana.


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Tana is changing at a rapid pace 🚀 While many concepts remain the same, some user interface and features have changed a lot since they first were documented here! Please keep this in mind while browsing.

Hi and welcome to this video on automating your day

The Today node is one of the core feature of Tana

In this video, we'll look at some of the ways you can use it to automate your day get the most out of Tana.

Planning your day

My typical day starts with me mapping out what I plan to today

I start by first checking the “Outstanding Todos” live search and select the tasks I need to get done today

I then run the command “Remind me today”, this creates a link to these items in my Today.

[More on how to create an "All Outstanding Todos" search later in this video]

After that, I check my calendar and create nodes for my meetings of that day so I can easily add meeting notes later.

Multiple workspaces

Then I write up any other things I need to get done, like yesterday I was reviewing a plan for our Early Access.

I do this by writing something like “Review @deliverables …” to make an inline mention and turn that into a todo by pressing Cmd+Enter.

This helps me keep track of what I did when,

as well as creating a shortcut to the exact thing I’m working on so when I'm about to do it, I can just click the link.

Throughout the day, I just add nodes as they come

For instance, if I discover a bug, I will just file it directly from my Today

A Nasty Bug


Since this tag lives in the Tana Workspace, I'm creating a private bug that is only visible in my workspace,

so I can fill it out at my own leisure without worrying that anyone sees it before it's done.

Once done, I can move it to Tana by clicking the suggestion to move and make it available to everyone else

Remind me

At the end of the day I select all the items I didn’t get a chance to do and run the command “Remind me …” to punt them to a different day.

Searching for all outstanding tasks:

To create a live search for "Outstanding Todos” in your workspace

1) go to your home node

2) and run the command "Find todos..."

3) Hit enter and open the node

4) Add a new node in the search and write NOT DONE

This will create a list of all your tasks that are currently not done.

Customizing #myday

If you have recurring things you want to do every day, you can customize the #myday tag by clicking the tag and choose configure

One of the things I do every day, is to triage bugs, so I'll create a node with a link to our bugtracking.

I also need to remember to write a standup report so we can stay in sync

In addition, I'd like to establish a habit of doing some breath work, so I'll add that as well.

As you can see, now all my days have these as a convenient way of building habbits and not forgetting what I need to check in on every day.

The future

Our current Today and Calendar is a MVP, but we're committed to invest a lot more in it in the future.

Of the candidates that we're looking at is Calendar integration, Timeline views, actual Notifications and reminders, spaced repition and more.


If you have a great use case, join our community and let us know!

Until the next time, go with the flow!

Until next time, take care and happy Tanaing

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