Tana Tour with Maggie Appleton

Learn how Maggie uses Tana for her content pipeline, daily template, write better introductions, decision making, and travel. Her content pipeline content pipeline is particularly interesting - notice how she groups her ideas into columns by how far along they are, and then sorts the columns by her motivation.

Maggie Appleton is a product designer working at Ought and has used Tana since June 2022. You can find out what she’s up to on her website, where she writes visual essays about the intersection of design, anthropology, and programming. Reach her on Twitter or our Slack community


00:00 - Intro

03:45 - Why Tana?

05:34 - Tour begins, day tag

07:23 - Tracking what's on her mind

08:29 - Hide fields when empty

10:00 - Simple search for what's on her mind

12:08 - Writing pipeline, grouped by stage, sorted by motivation

20:30 - Fields as prompts

22:30 - How to write introductions

24:00 - Thinking about how to come up with your own structure

26:28 - Flight tracking

27:47 - Decisions - ice cream maker, buying a home

30:40 - Tracking questions

32:35 - What are you excited about for the future of TfT?

35:45 - What advice would you give to new Tana users?