Week 02/2023

Notifications on invites and workspaces “behave” properly and don’t induce OCD (i.e. they should disappear when clicked)

UX improvements when trying to copy nodes to the clipboard that can’t be copied

When closing a panel focus should not be lost

Some polish around the behaviour of placeholders - backspace on a placeholder should move cursor up if possible.

To make the behaviour of the command more clear, changed the commands “Sort...” to “Sort children”. (Some users have been selecting nodes and running sort. We might implement this in the future, but for now, these commands sort children of the node they are run on).

You can now paste a node id into the @-mentions search (you were already able to do so in the top bar search previously)

Fixed bug where HTML entities were showing when hovering over a node with descriptions that had text formatting

Small fix for invitations notifications