Week 03/2023

We just released some fixes and improvements, including:

Field and tag config now open in the same panel - cmd-click to open in a new panel

“Hide field when empty” respects tag template defaults (ie. if a field has a value from a tag template, it will not be counted as empty)

Shortening in title expressions now uses proper ellipsis instead of three dots

Fixed issue where tag creation was sometimes not possible, because a tag with the same name existed in a different workspace

Made path in autocompleter not clickable when selecting source supertag or selecting an option

Made “Notify @all” the last option on the notify command, to make it less likely to be selected by mistake

Hopefully fixed issue that led to some users getting repeated “Update Tana” notifications

LINKS_TO now supports a tag reference, to find all nodes that links to (inline or in a field) any node with a certain tag

The search expression linter now warns you if you have both a tag with a field, and you also specify a field with the same name but a different ID

“Not set” in search expressions will now match nodes that either have that field with no value, or that don’t have that field (previously it only matched nodes that had that field). To achieve the previous functionality, combine “Not set” with “Defined”.

We have toned down the the scrollbars to make the UI calmer.

Pressing backspace at the beginning of a field value will no longer pull the content out of the field

Tag config is now opened to the right when you open it from the tag context menu.

Fixed bug which could cause infinite recursion when parsing some self-referential search expressions

Fixed a search issue where certain searches would not show results until the index was updated