Week 05/2023 - Filter on node title

Small New Feature

Filter on node titles

You can now filter on node titles! Activate View by on a node > Filter > enter text at the front of the filter bar for instantaneous filtering fun ✨

Many fixes, including:

Tana Labs Graduates! 🎓

  • Tabs view is now available to all

  • Reference counter can now be found in the Settings (gear menu) (if you had it turned on, it should still be on in Settings)

  • Regular expressions are now possible by default (note that it is possible to construct regular expressions that cause infinite loops)

If you expand a tag or field definition that has contextual data, you will now see the contextual data below the node

Drag and drop of columns in cards view should work

You can now select multiple nodes in a search nodes and run Cmd/Ctrl-K hard delete to delete the original nodes and all references in the current space

Grouped list view now shows descriptions for groups

Fixed a bug where it was impossible to outdent (shift-tab) when in a tabs view

When using the PARENT system node, new nodes created in a search were not initialized with the correct values

Fixed a bug where the index sometimes got out of date, causing nodes not to show up in searches