Week 38/2022 - Filters, Search, URLs

New filter feature launch, updates to search, links, our first office hours and a range of smaller improvements

🚀 Filters launch & search update

We've introduce filters - a way to easily narrow down to the items that you are interested in right there and then!

Internally, we use these during stand-ups to quickly switch between each person’s tasks.

See this video for an overview of the new functionality and the changes to search & filters

The latest release also introduces a series of changes to live search. Search nodes can no longer own any children, and all existing search nodes must be converted (you will be prompted when you see a search node). If you choose to convert, existing children owned by the search node will be sent to the daily node. (If you have searches in supertag definitions, you should open the supertag definition and convert the search there).

You can still create new nodes directly in the search node - the new nodes will “live” on your daily node, and the search node will show a reference.Search expressions are now part of the view definitions (meaning that you can edit the search expression, and then revert your changes, just like you can revert grouping, display fields etc), and we make it much clearer which parts of the view definition you have changed, and how to work with those changes.

🔗 URLs in Tana

URLs pasted into Tana are now automatically converted to a special node type that makes it easy to edit either the linked URL, or the link text.

See Stians Quick demo for more

🎥 Our first Office Hours

We had our first official Office Hour where we discussed invitations, guidelines for talking about Tana publicly, our privacy policy, features, and answer any questions you might have. Thanks to everyone that both showed up, and posted questions!

See the first Office Hour here.

🐞 Bugs and other improvements:

A huge amount of bug fixes, performance improvements and polish has gone into the latest release. Here is a quick list of some of the more noteworthy changes:

  • Much faster and more accurate find nodes->with tag->with field

  • Update to rendering of templates to more clearly delineate template nodes from other nodes, and the ability to hit enter at the end of a template node (expands and moves cursor to child placeholder)

  • Many improvements to cursor movements

  • More accurate “Update app” notification

  • Panels/panel titles scale better (long texts/small panels)

  • Tana Paste speed improvement and fixes to duplicate fields

  • CURRENT_USER_REF, CURRENT_DATE_REF and CURRENT_DATETIME_REF added to initialization functions

  • Display fields in cards now show all values of a field, not just the first one