Week 40/2022 - Public help center, create search node

Published a static version of the Help center (https://help.tana.inc)

Commands added to the command line to open special nodes like Trash, Library, etc.

New command "Create search node", or just type ? and get an automatic suggestion

To simplify, we have merged the two Tana labs reference counter settings into one. If you previously had enabled referenceCounterAllPages, you need to select referenceCounter to get this functionality back.

Faster autocomplete on fields

You can now search for field values using regular expressions (if the Tana Labs regexp feature is enabled)

Sorting by owner, when owner is a calendar node, should now sort correctly.

Problem with auto-complete in fields sometimes creating spurious nodes has been fixed

Improvements to support for Chinese/Japanese:

  • Languages using input managers (Chinese, Tibetan etc) now input correctly (this includes entering umlauts at the beginning of the line)

  • Chinese simplified characters now display correctly

  • Support for Chinese/Japanese indexing/search (Under Tana Labs>hanziIndexing)

Improvement in computed colors (for tags) when using system theme settings

Tuning how often we show the "Not saving" warning, to avoid it popping when you just lose connectivity for a few seconds

Wrapping extremely long words

Using the URL data type for the URL system node

Fixing some places where we were not properly rendering inline references