Week 41/2022 - Fixes, performance and scaling

We’re now warning iPad users until we can be 100% sure that there are no issues with using Tana on iPad.

Help center will no longer turn up in your normal searches (we are working on a custom help center search)

You can no longer move the calendar (to avoid inadvertently getting lost)

You can now use the cmd-line to close the tag/field configs when the cursor is in the title/description field.

We are providing some helpful hints at the top of the query editor

We have fixed the “Find nodes” command when you want to find nodes that have content in a field to use Set/Not set instead of Defined/Not defined. (Defined looks for a field that has had information, but might currently be empty, which is usually not what users want).

We’ve added global back and forwards buttons for when Tana is installed as an app (similar to browser back/forwards) - this will for example get you back to your context if you clicked ? to go to the help center

You can now use Cmd/Ctrl-c to copy selected node in the search results from the top bar to the clipboard

No longer possible to incidentally edit a tag definition by indenting something underneath it

Glitchy scrollbars on Windows fixed

The Roam importer no longer parses **Name:** as an attribute

Fixed sorting of the Due date field