Week 42/2022

Does it sometimes feels like Tana should just know what to put in a field, without having to ask you? Fields in Tana can actually have auto-initialization functions, which automatically set a value at the time you apply a supertag, they are documented here. However, the configuration is quite obscure and cumbersome.

We’ve now taken three of the most common/useful functions and made them much more easily accessible in the UI. When you configure a date field, you have the option of “auto-initialize to current date”. when you configure a user field, you can auto-initialize with the current logged in user (useful for collaboration), and if you have an instance field, you can automatically look up the node it’s nested under with that tag (for example a quote nested under a book, or a todo nested under a project). A short video to showcase. We’re looking forwards to seeing how you adapt these to your workflows.

We now support x-callback-urls, app deep link URLs (like devonthink://), and any other URL you can think of, in addition to the already supported web URLs.

And for a little easter egg, try inserting a reference using [[ or (( in Tana. (This is part of our effort to guide new users to become productive and hit the ground running in Tana as quickly as possible).

Removed the feature flag for Chinese indexing - now supported for all users. We are soon bringing improvements to users of IMEs. Also, if any Japanese speakers have issues and want to help us debug their search/indexing, please DM me.

Searches from tag config and field config (clicking on “Tag is used 33 times”) are now created in the workspace that the tag/field belongs to

Help center now opens in a separate panel

Reference counter (from Tana labs) should no longer overlap texts or tags

Improvements to how searches with PARENT/GRANDPARENT work with tag defaults (improvements to initialising new nodes from searches with PARENT/GRANDPARENT forthcoming)

Ongoing work on making @-mentions do the most useful thing in different contexts (field names, instance field tag selection, etc)

Always provide a placeholder in the query editor

Disallow any content for the help center in searches (we are planning a custom search for the help center)