Week 43/2022

Query linter

The Tana search is very powerful, but we’ve observed that new users often make the same mistakes, which might result in no search results, or not the search results you expected. To make it easier to get started, we’ve now rolled out a query linter. We will now display warnings or error messages if we suspect you have made a mistake, or you have put in something that will not work. We also offer to fix these for you automatically, when possible. At the bottom, we display an “explanation” of the search query, which while a bit cryptic, hopefully helps you understand better what the search you’ve entered is actually doing. We’re hoping this will help, and welcome feedback!

You can now select multiple values in the field option dropdown using shift-click.

LT/GT search operators now work for system fields

Space in a date field will only show the calendar widget if the date field is either empty, or an existing date is selected

New toast (notification) style

Sort settings should now persist

Fixed bug with “hide if default”, which was only looking at the first child in the field value

Now able to refer to Date from ancestor day node in title expressions, even if the field is not in the tag template, use #{sys:dateFromDayNode}

The Owner system field now shows the node owning a field value, not the field value itself

Fixed bug related to linking to an unlinked reference

We’ve made it easier to search nodes with characters like & using @-mentions, and made some display adjustment to avoid having “grey space” at the bottom of the Tana panel sometimes.