Week 48/2022

Complete revamp on Tag and Field Configuration!

Today we are launching a complete revamp of the tag and field configurations. Previously, the “advanced/legacy configs” contained a mix of very useful but difficult to use functionality, and deprecated old experiments. We’ve now lifted all of the useful functionality into the field/tag config itself, and completely hidden the rest (it is still available under Debug tag/field, but as the name suggests, this should not be used except when we ask you to). We’ve also unified and simplified the look, and worked hard on making the naming consistent and clear.

One major change is that we have combined the two “Options” field types (Dynamic and Fixed) into one Options field type, and distinguishing this more from the “Plain” (previously Anything) field type. Plain fields are for free-text content like “Comment”, “Reflection” or for values that are unique (like somebody’s name). Any time you are likely to reuse the same options, and want auto-complete, you should choose the “Option” field type. It has auto-collect (reusing previous field values) turned on by default, but you can also provide a list of fixed options, or links to nodes (including search nodes) whose children will become options.

We also added a number of new auto-initialization options, like “Calendar date” (previously date from day node), “Random node” from a tag (for example, show me a random reflection question each day), and “value from ancestor with this field” (let’s say you have a quote tag with an author field, and that is nested below a book tag with the same author field, it will then reuse the value from the author field on the book tag).

We will be updating the articles in the help center, and adding more documentation on some of these new features shortly.

System field to show completed date/time (also improved display of existing Done system field). This is also available as ${sys:doneTime}

Improved display of inline references to tag and field definitions

Add “Clear mismatches” button to remove frozen rows from filtered views

Fix an indexing problem leading to some nodes not showing up in searches without a reload

Making inline user references consistent, previously some would not show up in searches

Renamed “Create supertag” -> “Convert to supertag”'