Week 49/2022

Small fixes including:

Avoid delete/backspace merging nodes with field names

Fix HTML entities in option picker

"Select children" when run on a filtered list will not select the filtered-out items

Fixed "Tag as X" / "Move to X workspace" suggestions in Safari

Fixed bug where values in fields nested under other fields did not show up in searches/autocollected options

The system Number of references field no longer includes search nodes, which also avoids the problem of flicker when searching for items with zero references

PARENT and GRANDPARENT in search expressions now work more as expected for Created at / Modified at system fields (still working on PARENT/GRANDPARENT in less than/greater than comparisons)

Warning if you insert a plain node reference in the “Instance supertag” field (needs a reference to a supertag)

Fix: Search from field config “Used in N nodes” generated broken searches

Fix: Turning off “Build title from fields” did not stop building title from fields, had to actually delete the title expression manually