Week 50/2022

Quality of Life improvements:

You can now select multiple nodes, and right click to see a list of possible actions, including moving the nodes to another place in your graph. Let us know if there are other actions that you would want here. (These actions were and still are available using the command line as well).

We’ve also noticed that many users try to click on the placeholder, and we’ve made that possible. When you see the plus in a circle, you can now click to see some context-relevant options. Where it is not possible to click, the placeholder has been simplified to a small circle. We will add contextual actions to more contexts like tables, search nodes etc in the future. Currently they are available in plain list mode, and when configuring dynamic options in the field config.

New Feature: Part Of, and COMPONENTS_REC

Tana has many ways of letting you link information. A simple inline ref just says “these two nodes are somehow related”. A field is a named relationship, which gives a lot of the power of flexibility. But what if Tana understood what kind of a relationship a field specifies - city being part of a country, is different from jaundice being a synonym of icterus.

Today we’re introducing a baby step in this direction. You can now specify the Semantic function of a field (instance or option fields) - currently we are offering “part of”. For example, a city is part of a country, or a sub-feature is part of a feature category. This enables you to search for things related to a node and all it’s sub-components recursively, using the COMPONENTS_REC search operator. (Also works with PARENT/GRANDPARENT).

We are planning on exploring more functionality around the parts of relationship, and other types of relationships in the future.

Demo video with example

Paste as Code improvements

When you paste in code blocks (Cmd/Ctrl+K “Paste as code”), we now do rudimentary auto-detection of code language. However, we’ve also added the option to specify the language when pasting. If you often paste in the same language, you can bind a custom keyboard shortcut to one of these actions.

Bug fixes and improvements:

You can now hit tab on a placeholder to indent under the sibling above (before you had to first press enter to turn it into a real node)

Added Clear button Group and Display menus to make it easier to revert state

Tana Paste:

  • Fields will now run auto-initialization functions on paste, with the nodes given the right context (so that ancestor etc will work correctly)

    • Fixed: Auto-initialize to ancestor with same field would also add a reference to a placeholder, causing strange behaviour sometimes

    • Fixed: The search “Used in N nodes” from supertag configuration was broken

Fixed bug with duplicate fields sometimes appearing (when a field had an auto-initialization set).

Fixed: Find nodes with any supertag with field... command was broken